How Watching Porn Can Improve Your Sex Life

Many psychologists say that watching porn can affect your libido negatively and that it leads to dissatisfaction with marriages and relationships in young men. They say that watching porn often can lead to difficulties with getting an erection without watching porn and eventually leads to erectile dysfunction.

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This leads to an addiction to pornography and a slow deterioration of one’s sexual desire and ability. This is a widespread belief when it comes to porn, but there is anthers school of thought. Others state that it helps you have an active and healthy sex life. They say that only 40 minutes of watching porn twice per week can increase your overall desire to have sex and boosts your confidence.

 A survey was made to test this theory. 280 males were asked to record their pornography viewing habits. Some of them were single and somewhere in an active relationship. By the end of the survey, it was proven that couples who watch porn together are more likely to have a more healthy and long-lasting relationship due to the honesty and communication involved in finding porn that offers mutual enjoyment for both of the people watching. This can often lead to new ideas, themes and scenarios between the couple and that can lead to increased sexual activity and satisfaction. Single males, however, had mixed results in this survey.  However, the results were mostly positive, indicating a correlation between sexual desire and enjoyment in sexual intercourse and watching porn for a certain amount of time which is good news for websites like Xhamster that provide pornography.

With so much free porn out there it is hard not to indulge in your most sexual desires, and you can do so without a doubt in your mind now that you know it does not have any negative effects on you. And with commodities like VR porn, the experience is more enjoyable than ever. The proximity it crates is an incredible addition to experience and is an excellent way to build up confidence when it comes to women and intercourse. As you can see pornography can be highly beneficial to both your physical and mental health. It helps you and your partner to be happier. It is a good thing we live in a time where a wide variety of porn is available for free whenever you want it.