Having a rough time with your significant one? Or perhaps as a parent who used to know everything about your child, now you are in the dark with what’s wrong with him? Here are simple tips that can really help improve your relationships or perhaps change things forever to the better!

Time can change people

Your son is not forever 10 years old and eventually, he will get older. There will be a time when he wants to explore things around him, be the independent guy he sees in his father. But because of that, you are left in the dark as your son no more asked for your advice. Understand the fact that time can change people because situations can change as well.

Reach out nicely

Never start the conversation as if you are about to blame your son for being so secretive about things. Most probably, he doesn’t want to have his parents helping all the time and wishes to feel proud of himself. Daughters can also act the same way. Reach out to them, explain to them that you are there to help and that is what a parent is for. Turn the conversation a casual, enjoyable one that your children won’t feel awkward about.

Most importantly, make time to allow any conversation to even ever take place – have dinner and breakfast together, engage in a group activity, help them with the projects, etc.

Sometimes, all you need to do is listen

There is no need to comment on every single thing the other person has to say because that is not necessarily his/her purpose of every talking to you. Being a good listener is sometimes 10x better than commenting and judging on how your friend should have been. Words have to be spoken on the right times and should be upbuilding.s