The first date is always one that is filled with awkward conversations, stiff seating position and awkwardly loud laugh at your date’s joke as you can’t concentrate very well on what’s happening.

Casually, like a friend

The first date does not always have to be the one that leads you and the other person into the bedroom immediately. The first date has to be most importantly be comfortable, yet memorable. Since you don’t know about the other person well, it’s best to take it casually and think of it as a night spent with a new friend who has more potential than usual.

Offer to pay, don’t expect to be paid for

Some people think it is only right for guys to pay for the date, but this notion may not be so popular for some women. The most important principle is never expected to have your first meal paid for because the other person is not immediately obligated to. As you hold up your pride as someone who never expects the other person to treat you like a boss from the first date, you will make yourself look more desirable.

Reciprocation is real

You want to be treated like a queen and the same thing is expected from a guy. Every man in the world wants to be treated like a worthy man of respect, a king. Give each other respect and the same thing will be done for you because human beings reciprocate kindness. Don’t let the man does all the paying, be the woman who has no problem with spoiling his man.


Some people need a high level of skinship to feel loved and cared, which is understandable from a scientific perspective. Some people are okay with only holding hands because what matters is being there. Talk about it with each other instead of second guessing things.